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Self-Titled (2008)

Take a Listen


Pat Campo is a rock, power pop, and electronic artist from Los Angeles, California. In 2008, he released his debut, self titled, full length album. The album shows his ability to express a range of feelings, from heartfelt lyrics, to catchy songs and tunes, as well as musical talent. From songs such as Wrong Side Of Right to Leggo My Ego, listeners are able to laugh and cry along with an artist who’s witty and soulful lines can always hit the spot. After releasing this album, Pat also released several self made music videos, which show that he is not only a talented musician, but possesses creativity and an eye which help make him an asset in the industry. In 2012 he received the honor of being named one of Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists. More importantly, he is currently set to release a full length LP titled “Clouds in my Head.” Look for it in the spring of 2016, along with more independently produced music videos.

Pat is a constant advocate for the idea of art over image. While he understands that image plays a big and important role in the industry, he truly believes image is in no means necessary for making great art. He proves this to be the case by remaining true to his own voice, and his own style – while showing a range of musical and artistic talents. This idea has led Pat to creating his own persona in puppet form, allowing it to represent him and his lyrics, showing that great works are not about the face – but about the artistry and sound. When asked, Pat will regularly say, “sure, people can find my picture online, and there’s no harm in that. That’s just not what I’m selling.” What he is selling however, is a message and a sound that speaks to many. Finding inspiration for his songs through personal experience, he finds that many of his songs come to him while he sleeps, either through his dreams, or that he will simply wake up with a song in his head. All his songs speak to his character, and the collection of songs in each album truly define and reflect who he is.

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